Listen: Evolution Leads to Revolution

Jul 07, 2021

We talk with Sonia Araujo, newly appointed general manager of R&D Products on why pharma should focus on the next clear steps, not the next big thing. In our conversation, Sonia talks about the three things she is excited about for the future of the industry, the acceleration of digital adoption among biopharma companies, and what she wants to achieve at Teckro.

As the newest member of the Teckro leadership team, she discusses tips to grow and maintain a successful R&D team. Sonia is a familiar face in the industry, with various product management responsibilities at Medidata, Veeva and IQVIA. In her career, she has built and managed software specifically for the life sciences industry, spanning the R&D spectrum and beyond. Visit our leadership page for more information, and connect with Sonia on LinkedIn here.

“Pharma is a risk-averse industry, and I appreciate their accountability. But sponsors want to innovate, and if there’s one thing the pandemic has shown us it’s that tech is a strong enabler of this.”

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