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Rare Disease Clinical Trials: A Digital-First Approach

A deep dive into the world of rare diseases, plus insight from Teckro’s Brendan Buckley on the adoption of technology to transform rare disease clinical trials.

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Ad-free, brought to you by Teckro. Totally Clinical: Trial Triumphs & Rad Trends inspires fresh thinking about clinical trials to engage more people in the conversation.

Gary Hughes Podcast

Driven by Mission. Setting the Tone from the Top

Teckro CEO Gary Hughes on operating for the greater good.

Dr. Deborah Zajchowski Podcast

Moving the Needle on Ovarian Cancer Survival Rates

Dr. Deborah Zajchowski, scientific director for the Clearity Foundation.

Dr. Brendan Buckley Podcast

Revolutionizing Trials for Alzheimer’s Disease

Nick Bruggeman, Founder & VP of Business Development, CCT Research.

World Ovarian Cancer Coalition Podcast

Ovarian Cancer Diagnosis - No Woman Left Behind

Frances Reid, Program Director for the World Ovarian Cancer Coalition.

Maila Lewin Podcast

What They Want as Users, What They Need as Sites

Malia Lewin on charting the best possible route to oncology trial success.

Teckro Powered Community Podcast

Site Success through a "Teckro Powered" Community

Addressing the issues holding sites back from embracing modern practices.

Totally Clinical gives a voice to different perspectives to advance clinical research and broaden clinical trial awareness.

Gary Hughes, Teckro CEO and Co-founder

Teckro Clinical Trial Software Improves Operations and Outcomes

Fewer protocol deviations. Better trial data quality. Faster, safer, more efficient clinical trials allowing new drugs and treatments to come quickly to market. Our sponsors continue to add more clinical trials on Teckro. In the end, lives are saved, pain and suffering are eased, and quality of life is improved.


Teckro: The Digital Clinical Trial Hub for Communication and Collaboration

Every clinical trial starts with a question. At Teckro, our question was: “How can clinical trials be more simple, accessible, and transparent?” In today’s digital world, reliable answers are just a tap away. Digital connections allow us to stay engaged with the people in our lives, whether professional or personal. Why shouldn’t the same be true for clinical trials?


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Every clinical trial starts with a question

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