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Teckro clinical trial software connects study stakeholders and critical information. Every time. Everywhere.

How is Teckro improving clinical trials?

Let’s start with why our sponsors keep adding more clinical trials on Teckro. Fewer protocol deviations. Better trial data quality. Faster, safer, more efficient clinical trials so new drugs and treatments come to market quicker. In the end, lives are saved. Pain and suffering eased. Quality of life is improved. That’s our clinical trial software and that's what motivates us!

How does Teckro software work?

Every clinical trial starts with a question. And at Teckro, too, we started with a question: “Why can’t clinical trials be more simple, accessible, and transparent?” In today’s digital world, reliable answers are just a search away. Digital connections allow us to stay engaged with the people in our lives, whether professional or personal. Why shouldn’t the same be true for clinical trials?

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“It's nice that Teckro always has the current amendment, so you know that you're following the current protocol..”

Dana Anderson, CCRC, North Georgia Clinical Research

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Every clinical trial starts with a question

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