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Clinical Trial Software for Better Outcomes

Fewer protocol deviations. Better trial data quality. Faster, safer, more efficient clinical trials allowing new drugs and treatments to come quickly to market. Our sponsors continue to add more clinical trials on Teckro. In the end, lives are saved, pain and suffering are eased, and quality of life is improved.

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Streamline Communication, Redefine Collaboration

Every clinical trial starts with a question. At Teckro, our question was: “How can clinical trials be more simple, accessible, and transparent?” In today’s digital world, reliable answers are just a tap away. Digital connections allow us to stay engaged with the people in our lives, whether professional or personal. Why shouldn’t the same be true for clinical trials?

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Teckro is great! It’s like man discovering fire.

Senior Global Trial Manager, Phase III Oncology Thyroid Cancer

Listen: Teckro Talks with Experts

Our fresh-thinking, ad-free podcast Totally Clinical: Trial Triumphs & Rad Trends explores engaging topics among diverse stakeholders in the clinical trial ecosystem.

Teckro Chairman of the Board Peter Gray

A Conversation with Peter Gray, Teckro’s Chairman of the Board

Peter Gray, former ICON CEO and Teckro chairman, reflects on 30 years of pharmaceutical services industry experience and shares his thoughts on trends and opportunities for clinical trials innovation.

Clearity senior scientist Dr. Anne Mette Buhl

Tomorrow's Treatments Today: Why Clinical Trials Are Not a Last Resort

Dr. Anne Mette Buhl explains the reality of clinical research as an early treatment option.

Meridian Clinical Research CEO Nikki Osborn

Tapping the Power of Positivity in Clinical Research

Meridian Clinical Research's Nikki Osborn describes what built a thriving site network.

Gary Hughes

Driven by Mission. Setting the Tone from the Top

Teckro CEO Gary Hughes discusses being mission-driven for the greater good.

Silvina Baudino

Giving Sites a Seat at the Table

Silvina Baudino discusses the "Teckro Powered” program helping sites reach their potential.

More Perspectives on Clinical Trials

Every clinical trial starts with a question

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