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Clinical Trial Software for Better Outcomes

Faster, safer, more efficient clinical trials allowing new drugs and treatments to come quickly to market. Our sponsors continue to add more clinical trials on Teckro. In the end, lives are saved, pain and suffering are eased, and quality of life is improved.

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Teckro is great! It’s like man discovering fire.

Senior Global Trial Manager

Streamline Communication, Redefine Collaboration

Every clinical trial starts with a question. At Teckro, our question was: “How can clinical trials be more simple, accessible, and transparent?” In today’s digital world, reliable answers are just a tap away. Digital connections allow us to stay engaged with the people in our lives, whether professional or personal. The same should be true for clinical trials.

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Considerations for LGBTQ+ Inclusion in Clinical Research

Inclusion starts with listening. We partnered with the Center for the Information and Study of Clinical Research Participation (CISCRP) to amplify the voice of the LGBTQ+ community. Read more about engaging LGBTQ+ patients.

LGBTQ+ Considerations for Inclusion in Clinical Research
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Listen: Teckro Talks with Experts

Our fresh-thinking, ad-free podcast Totally Clinical: Trial Triumphs & Rad Trends explores engaging topics among diverse stakeholders in the clinical trial ecosystem.

ENT doctor, principal investigator and Teckro user in Ukraine, Roman Fishchuk

An Insider View on Clinical Trials in Ukraine

Roman Fishchuk, Teckro user, physician and principal investigator, describes the pressures of life in wartime Ukraine and implications for clinical trials.

The 50th Episode!

The 50th Episode!

On Totally Clinical’s 50th episode, CEO Gary Hughes reflects on Teckro’s contribution to ESG and making an impact in clinical research.

Clinical Innovation Partners Advisor and Founder Craig Lipset

What Is The Future For Research Sites?

Craig Lipset, advisor and founder at Clinical Innovation Partners, joins us to discuss what defines a research site and what might be in store for them.

Cathy Molohan, International Relations Manager at YUVEDO Foundation

Patient Advocate Cathy Molohan on Living with Parkinson's Disease

What started as a tremor in her hand led to a neurologist consultation and a Parkinson’s disease diagnosis at just 38 years old.

Affinity Health's Chief Strategy Officer Bill Taaffe and Teckro's Chief Medical Officer Brendan Buckley

Why Sites Just Need to be Loved

Industry friends Bill and Brendan reflect on why sites need to be set up for success.

Global Head, Industry Collaborations at Roche Virginia Nido

What if Biopharma Thought “Collaborate First”?

Virginia Nido from Roche shares her vision for greater pre-competitive collaboration.

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Every clinical trial starts with a question

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