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Time with patients is precious. Give investigators and research staff immediate answers at the point of care.

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The Go-To App On the Go

One app, all protocols. Digital and natively mobile, researchers have your study in their pocket - never more than a tap away from critical information and expert guidance, at the point of care and beyond.

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Never miss a thing

Never Miss a Thing

Push notifications alert you to important study communications, wherever you are. Snippets give a preview, so you get the gist quickly - prompting action as required. Tap to go to the message.

Simplify the Complex

Simplify the Complex

Master and sub protocols. Global and local protocols. We have experience accommodating studies across all levels of complexity. We also support protocols in Japanese and Simplified Chinese.

FDA’s 21 CFR Part 11 compliance

Compliant, Inspection-Ready 

Teckro meets with industry regulations, including the FDA’s 21 CFR Part 11. Audit trails log all system changes. Easily export communications for inclusion in trial files.

Unleash the power of your protocol

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Hello Instant Answers

Answers to keyword searches are returned in seconds from the protocol and other documents. Related content suggests next best actions, and quick links surface the most used protocol sections.

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The Power of Video

The Power of Video

Videos and podcasts are better for communicating complex topics. A short welcome video is an easy yet powerful way to inform site staff through a familiar medium, building site engagement.

Centralized Version Control

Centralized Version Control

Protocols are easily assigned and managed, so everyone is always following the approved, current version. Amendments are immediately released for assignment upon IRB approval.

Visits Made Simple

Visits Made Simple

Visit by visit, the schedule of assessments makes it simple to walk through each procedure with confidence. Notes and guidance documents support adherence.

Is your protocol fit for purpose?


Sites, Take the Wheel

Research staff and investigators have a dedicated channel to directly ask study experts for guidance or clarification, anytime, anywhere. CRAs retain oversight without having to manually route queries.

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The Power of Groups

The Power of Groups

Groups are configured with study members best suited to answer, for example medical monitors in a medical queries group. Sites don’t need to find contact details to start a conversation.

Harness Collective Knowledge

Harness Collective Knowledge

Groups contain multiple experts for coverage when people are offline or unavailable. All experts can contribute to the conversation with additional information or clarification.

Faster Time to Resolution

Faster Time to Resolution

Conversations stay open until the question is completely answered. When closed, it is marked resolved and can be exported as a trial record. A new question starts as a new conversation.

Real-time collaboration, better enrollment decisions


Messages They Read

Study teams send timely alerts as part of a proactive communication strategy. Granular filters target messages by sites, roles or countries. Push notifications alert busy sites to important or time-sensitive updates.

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Research site survey

Get the Real Deal

Study teams have the power to send surveys whenever you want answers. No more chasing up lists from outside vendors or waiting weeks for your results. Sites complete surveys quickly and easily from the mobile app, increasing the likelihood of responses.

Link to Helpful Resources

Link to Helpful Resources

Deep links to specific content, such as a recently amended section of the protocol, are useful and save time and effort. Linking to additional resources like a related video adds value and reinforces your message, using content already available within Teckro.

Study Team Message Campaigns

Iterative Message Campaigns

Templates standardize messages and reduce the time taken to compose them. Integrated contacts streamline delivery. All study team members have access to a central dashboard, so everyone knows what communication is sent to whom, when, reducing duplication of work.

Build lasting engagement with digital campaigns


The Pulse of Your Study

Study teams access insights to better understand what’s going on with your study. Proactively manage potential roadblocks and take corrective measures from trends you see now – not days, weeks or months later.

Study Insights
Message open rates

Are You Being Heard?

Measure the effectiveness of your communication strategy and see whether what you share is being heard. Open rates show who is reading your messages – and who isn’t.


What Questions Do Sites Have?

Keyword search trends and inbound conversation topics offer oversight on the questions sites have. They can provide early warning of risk or surface a need to improve your protocol.

Clinical research staff survey statistics

What Do Your Sites Think?

Analyze survey responses as they come in, instead of waiting weeks for final results. Drill intro answers by question, site or role with simple, dynamic data visualization in an intuitive dashboard.

Sponsor decisions informed by site feedback

Is It Really That Easy?

Simplicity is our goal. We work hard to understand what all our users need to do their jobs. We design our solution for tangible impact, so every trial is better with Teckro. That’s why thousands of investigators at sites around the world rely on Teckro for fast answers and immediate guidance.

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