About Teckro

In design, simplicity is achieved by removing instead of adding. At Teckro, we are applying the same concept of design simplicity to address today’s broken clinical trial process.
Gary Hughes - CEO & Co-Founder
Our Story

In 2015, Teckro started with the question: How can we simplify clinical research?

We started with the protocol – the master blueprint for a clinical study. By simplifying how study stakeholders interact with the protocol, study questions can be answered in real-time, anytime, anywhere. Physicians and nurses have accurate, immediate answers so they can spend more time with patients. Sponsors have real-time visibility so they can proactively manage performance across trials, countries and therapeutic areas.        

Global pharmaceutical and emerging biotech companies alike trust Teckro to virtually connect study teams. Today, Teckro manages more than 100 clinical trials and is deployed at more than 12,000 active sites around the world. Our solutions support all therapeutic areas and all trial phases.

World map: Teckro is used in clinical research sites around the world.

Simple and intuitive are key guiding principles at Teckro, and we put the user at the heart of all our product design. As a result, new studies are operational on Teckro in a matter of weeks with virtually no user training. Adoption is high, with 76% of invited users registering on Teckro and 91% of registered users active on the platform.

Teckro employs more than 100 staff globally, with Irish offices in Limerick and Dublin and a US-based office in Nashville, Tennessee.

Our Philosophy

At Teckro, we believe that clinical research must be more simple, accessible and transparent.

Tackling complexity has the potential for sweeping impact. If it were simpler, more sites will engage in more studies, and in turn more patients will have access to participate in locations closer to them. With great transparency, trials can be managed safely and early indications can be acted on sooner to protect patients.   

Simplicity is in our DNA. We empower all of our employees to focus on the right things that will have an impact. By being responsive, we can ensure that the needs of our fellow employees and external stakeholders are considered.  

Our Investors

Teckro is supported by investors who believe in our mission, including prominent venture capital companies:

Our Leadership

Our executive team includes people with deep clinical research experience and those with domain expertise in enterprise software. It is this unique combination of technical and industry experience that gives us the knowledge needed to design simple, useful solutions for clinical research.

Gary Hughes
CEO & Co-Founder
Nigel Hughes
Vice President, Business Development & Co-Founder
Jacek Skrzypiec
Chief Technology Officer & Co-Founder
Professor Brendan M. Buckley MD, DPhil, FRCPI
Chief Medical Officer
John Sexton
Chief Financial Officer
Kelly Brown
Chief Marketing Officer
Ashley Parish
Vice President, Strategic Alliances
Sandra Bläser
Vice President, Customer Success
Anita Callan
Vice President, Product
Kate Penn
Director, Quality Management