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August 24, 2022

Art Is a Universal Language. Let’s Use It in Clinical Research!

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      Silvina Baudino

      Silvina Baudino

      Industry Expert & Site Advocate


    Over the last few years in clinical research, we have talked a lot about clinical trial diversity and inclusion. And now this conversation is not limited to participants – it also includes the clinical research professionals who work at research sites. However, we all know the first step is community outreach to raise awareness about clinical research.

    Even as we all suffered in different ways during COVID-19, it was an unprecedented moment to showcase clinical research worldwide. Everybody, everywhere was following the news about the vaccine development, and it seemed there was no other topic of conversation. Suddenly there was some light in the night. In a very dark moment in the history of humanity, clinical research was bringing light – hope.

    Now we have the vaccine, and people are resuming their normal lives. We no longer have that broad, captive audience intensely following drug development. Still, we now have many more people who are aware of clinical research and why it is important. Now is the time to be creative and find ways to keep the conversation going – encouraging both more participants in studies and more people opting for clinical research as a profession. We need a universal language that will broadly resonate, albeit under less grim circumstances than the pandemic.

    What if the universal language we choose is art?


    Art Connects People

    In May, I attended the first SCRS Diversity Site Solutions Summit. It was a great event and we learned a lot, recapped in a blog. During the conference, I participated in an art contest organized by SiteBridge Research, completely by chance. I was walking around the exhibition hall, talking with friends and colleagues, when I stopped by the SiteBridge booth to say hi.

    I found some art supplies and even before I had the time to ask, the SiteBridge team invited me to participate in the contest. Of course, I said yes! (Don’t tell anybody but I used to be a graphic designer in another life…) The contest goal was to represent the concepts of diversity and inclusion artistically – drawing, painting, singing or writing. I didn’t think twice, and, in a few strokes, I drew a picture that honestly looked more like a doodle. I was very surprised at the end of the day when I was told I’d won the contest! It was something so simple but fun and creative at the same time.

    Bridging the Gap Through Art

    To approach clinical research community outreach through art is an innovative idea. This is why Teckro is a sponsor of the inaugural Bridging the Gap for Clinical Trials art contest. Hosted by SiteBridge Research and iParticipate, Bridging the Gap is a broad community engagement program to address disparities in clinical trials, especially among communities of color and underrepresented populations. The art contest is a way to encourage artistic talent and to “use art to change the narrative about science and who participates, while educating the larger public about the significance of clinical trials today.”

    It was a natural fit for Teckro to sponsor this contest. We are champions for sites and support unique approaches that encourage greater participation in clinical research. This art contest is an inspiring way to capture both the attention of potential study participants and future research staff working on clinical trials. Inclusion is important to Teckro – you’ll find much discussion on this topic in our blogs and podcasts. For us, inclusion aligns with our vision to engage all physicians in clinical research, and we know it starts with awareness.

    Art Contest Details

    There are three categories of the Bridging the Gap art contest to stir feelings, move us (literally!), and visually depict clinical trials through:

    • Visual arts (paintings, drawings, illustrations)
    • Spoken word
    • Music

    The contest runs through October 23 and is open to anyone 18 years or older. There are cash prizes for first, second and third place across the three categories. Contestants are encouraged to present and display their visual art at local health care facilities to encourage more discussion about clinical trial participation.

    I hope that you submit your art and encourage your network to participate. All the details can be found on the Bridging the Gap with art competition web page.

    Silvina Baudino

    Silvina Baudino

    Industry Expert & Site Advocate


    Silvina has worked the industry for over 20 years and draws expertise from the Health, Pharma, CRO and Tech sectors. She thrives in cross-functional teams developing site-patient corporate goals and objectives. With the skills needed in establishing partnerships and alliances, Silvina is able to visualize impacts of new technologies for every clinical trial stakeholder.