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This webinar event was first broadcast in September 2023

Want to achieve best-in-class results?

Progressive study teams have a new approach to build lasting relationships with their study sites. What’s the secret? Watch this webinar where our panel shares proven, practical tips for best-in-class site engagement.

In the webinar, we share several case studies from leading pharma companies who are using targeted, timely site communication campaigns. Here’s a taster of the results…

  • A timely turnaround for poor recruiting sites
  • The uncovering of specific eligibility criteria blocking recruitment
  • A significant increase in site engagement

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Bonus Video

Q&A Session

In this follow-up session, our hosts Brian Deighan and Ger Sweeney answer questions posed during the webinar.


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Communications Playbook

This playbook provides practical steps to implement best practices across clinical trial communications. Real-world examples demonstrate how study teams are fostering authentic site relationships.

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