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November 9, 2021

Get “Totally Clinical” With Teckro’s New Industry Podcast – Now on Spotify, Apple and Google

The industry podcast is a platform to inspire diverse conversations that advance clinical research and best possible care

    Teckro, creator of the only clinical trial platform that facilitates collaboration between and among stakeholders, today announced the launch of the Totally Clinical: Trial Triumphs & Rad Trends podcast. The series provides a medium for diverse stakeholders in the clinical trial ecosystem to engage in conversation; inspiring new ways to design, deliver, and improve participation.

    To promote the new podcast series, Teckro worked with award-winning actor John C. McGinley. Known as Dr. Perry Cox in the hit television series Scrubs, McGinley stars in a video introducing Totally Clinical.


    Totally Clinical episodes cover a variety of topics ranging from field research perspectives and patient experiences, to drug development advances and technology trends. Gary Hughes, Teckro co-founder and CEO, kicks off the series by talking about operating for the greater good and what it means to be a mission-driven company in the 21st Century.

    “Teckro is already the hub for effective communication; connecting stakeholders despite the complex, distributed, and often siloed nature of clinical trials,” says Hughes. “Now with the introduction of the Totally Clinical podcast, we are broadening our ambition to engage even more stakeholders in conversations; advancing clinical research and expanding awareness of clinical trials as an option for best possible care.”

    Other topics include:

    “Every initiative that gets people talking is a step forward,” says Dr. Zajchowski, “but the Totally Clinical podcast series is also a chance for non-profit organizations to reach other audiences. It allows us to engage in conversations that might accelerate research for treatments and drugs that improve outcomes and survival.”

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    Don’t Touch that Dial! Get “Totally Clinical” with Teckro’s Awesome New Industry Podcast

    Kelly Brown explains Teckro's awesome new industry podcast discussing trends and triumphs in clinical trials with physicians, patients and experts.

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    The Totally Clinical: Trial Triumphs & Rad Trends podcast is available ad-free on Spotify, Apple, and Google.

    If you are interested in submitting a topic for consideration, contact us.

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