Our Leadership

Our executive team includes people with deep clinical research experience and those with domain expertise in enterprise software. It is this unique combination of technical and industry experience that gives us the knowledge needed to design simple, useful solutions for clinical research.

Gary Hughes: CEO & Co-Founder

Gary Hughes

CEO & Co-Founder

Nigel Hughes: Vice President, Business Development & Co-Founder

Nigel Hughes

Vice President, Business Development & Co-Founder

Jacek Skrzypiec: Chief Technology Officer & Co-Founder

Jacek Skrzypiec

Chief Technology Officer & Co-Founder

Sonia Araujo: General Manager, R&D Products

Sonia Araujo

General Manager, R&D Products

Professor Brendan M. Buckley: Chief Medical Officer

Professor Brendan M. Buckley MD, DPhil, FRCPI

Chief Medical Officer

Malia Lewin: Global Head of Strategy

Malia Lewin

Global Head of Strategy

John Sexton: Chief Financial Officer

John Sexton

Chief Financial Officer

Amanda Buckley: Chief Operating Officer

Amanda Buckley

Chief Operating Officer

Kelly Brown: Chief Marketing Officer

Kelly Brown

Chief Marketing Officer

Ciaran Avitabile: Global Head of Sales

Ciaran Avitabile

Global Head of Sales

Seb Glowacki: Vice President, Engineering

Seb Glowacki

Vice President, Engineering

Anita Callan: Vice President, Product

Anita Callan

Vice President, Product

Cheryl Murphy: Vice President, Customer Engagement & Delivery

Cheryl Murphy

Vice President, Customer Engagement & Delivery

Kate Penn: Director, Quality Management

Kate Penn

Director, Quality Management

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