Get your Teckro questions answered by an expert

Global Site Solutions Summit

Get your Teckro Questions Answered by an Expert

We know that sites are under greater pressure than ever to deliver faster, safer results for patients, and yet site staff are burdened by out-dated methods of managing clinical trials, leaving less time for research and patient care. Not to mention the challenges of patient recruitment.

We are on a mission to make clinical trials more simple, transparent and accessible.

When the right version of the protocol is immediately available, it means faster recruitment, fewer protocol deviations, and better handling of safety issues. Investigators will have answers at their fingertips, even if patients call in the middle of the night. Staff can quickly and correctly assess whether a person is eligible for a clinical trial.

By making it easier to run trials, sponsors can better compete at the best research sites. In the end, trials are safer for patients. And it reduces time to market with life-saving drugs.

Sound good? Get your Teckro questions answered by an expert - visit our exhibition booth at the Global Site Solutions Summit.

The Summit provides a unique hub where sites, sponsors, CRO executives, and regulators come together to discuss best practices and ideas while developing strategic partnerships through ideation sessions, workshops, and focus groups.

Event Date
Oct 01, 2021 - Oct 03, 2021
(Hollywood, Florida) 07:00 am to 03:30 pm

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