List of Sub-processors

Below is the list of sub-processors we engage with, as well as the purpose and location of the sub-processing. You, our Client will be notified of any intended changes to this list.

NamePurpose of sub-processingLocation of Processing
AtlassianTicket management system, Project Management tool, Document collaboration toolUS
Amazon (Amazon Web Services)Hosting ServicesEU / US
CapGemini3rd party security auditor and forensic investigatorIreland
Google Analytics (Website)Website Traffic AnalysisMultiple geographic locations
Google Analytics (Firebase)Messaging support service for the Teckro ProductMultiple geographic locations
HubSpotSponsor Ticketing SystemUS
IntercomCommunication ToolEU/US
KeepItSafeCloud back up archiving serviceIreland
Microsoft 365Document repository; email solutionEU (Austria, Finland, France, Ireland, Netherlands)
DruvaBack-up service for Microsoft 365Ireland / Germany
CloudflareProvides DNS, DDoS Protection, Web Application FirewallEU/ US