Research Staff Don’t Leave Home without Teckro

Resources on your smartphone for informed decisions at the point of care

Research Staff Don’t Leave Home without Teckro

Teckro in Your Pocket

Teckro is like a virtual coach, always in your pocket to help guide research staff and investigators toward the best decisions to protect participant safety and preserve data integrity. Convenient from a smartphone, Teckro is always by your side.

Current study content and secure communication channels in one simple mobile app gives sites access to study resources when and where they need it – especially when they are with patients. Sites that rely on Teckro to guide trial conduct have more accurate enrollment and fewer protocol deviations.

Teckro in Your Pocket
I love this app! I wish every clinical trial made it so easy for us to talk to patients and check eligibility and discuss the study schedule.

Principal Investigator

A Hub for Study Content and Communication

The Ultimate Quick Reference

No more cheat sheets, static FAQs, or “mini” protocols. Forget paper protocol and PDFs locked in portals. Teckro is the modern approach for current study resources anytime, anywhere.

Always the Right Version

Study information is kept current as guidance evolves and protocols are amended. This means you have peace of mind that you are always following the correct protocol version approved for your site.

Experts within Your Reach

Avoid the frustration of hours or days to get answers back from study experts. Now you have an instant, compliant, auditable channel to initiate a query directly to a dedicated group of study experts.

Study Alerts You Need to Know

With Teckro, study teams can tailor alerts, so you receive updates relevant to you. Rather than hunting in your email, Teckro consolidates your study communication so it’s easy to keep track.


mobile app for on-the-go study knowledge


sites depend on Teckro to guide decisions


not hours or days for current study answers

The Site-Driven Mobile Experience

Site users describe Teckro as intuitive, helpful, simple, easy to use. No wonder users tell us they love Teckro. Here is the power you carry in your pocket:

  • Search the current protocol anywhere, anytime.
  • Never miss relevant study alerts.
  • Find study contacts, including vendors.
  • Start a conversation on-the-spot with study experts.

Teckro is one app for all your studies, even across sponsors. Study-specific content, communication, and contacts are automatically associated with your Teckro account. All you need to do is select your sponsor and your study. And you don’t have to be a technical genius to figure it out.

Teckro: The Site-Driven Mobile Experience

Teckro works with top biopharma companies and emerging biotechs, alike. If you are on a trial without it, ask your study team for Teckro.

Empowered Sites Are Teckro Powered

Teckro Powered is a program for technically savvy sites to differentiate themselves and collaborate towards the advancement of clinical research. Members have sandbox access and input into future functionality. The program is open to any research site.

Benefits to sites and the industry:  
  • Cultivate a technology-ready brand. Designated with a digital program badge, sites can build their reputation as “sites of choice” for sponsors. 
  • Encourage more physicians into research. With the strength of a community, the goal is to encourage more physicians in clinical trials to reach broader, more diverse participant populations.
  • Simplify new staff training. Teckro is valuable for sites to onboard new study members and reduce training time.   
Empowered Sites Are Teckro Powered

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