Proactive Study Outreach

Reach the right people at the right time for relevant study alerts with Teckro

Proactive Study Outreach with Teckro Engage

Teckro Engage: Communicate with Precision

Teckro Engage is a secure communication channel for study teams to deliver relevant, timely guidance and essential study alerts. Specific, targeted messages are far more likely to be read by busy research staff, investigators and study monitors. Best of all, Teckro Engage tracks who opens the message.

Unlike traditional email, Teckro Engage complies with the FDA's 21 CFR Part 11 and provides a consolidated view so study team members can coordinate outreach and export exchanges for inclusion in trial master files.

Teckro Engage: Communicate with Precision

Proactive Guidance, Better Outcomes

Teckro Engage supports research staff and investigators with ongoing communication, such as time sensitive reminders and best practices. For example:

Assessing Eligibility

Share learnings from other sites to encourage recruitment

Conducting Visits

Remind staff of specific requirements for an upcoming visit

Addressing Adverse Reactions

Advise investigators of observed reactions and what to do

Segmented Communication for Impact

Study administrators can filter their audience to target messages for specific individuals, roles, sites or countries. Messages can be sent immediately or scheduled for a specific time to be delivered at optimal times.

All messages sent by study administrators are recorded in a central dashboard so that everyone on the study team knows what messages were sent, to whom and when. The dashboard also tracks message open rates so that administrators can monitor distribution effectiveness.

The End of Generic Newsletters

Until now, it was challenging to execute a targeted communication plan. Given the effort to reach volumes of sites and monitors, study teams relied on periodic newsletters sent to everyone involved in the study. Unfortunately, these bulk messages are rarely opened and often lost in junk filters.

Teckro Engage is different. Site users and monitors only go to Teckro to find the latest study information – no more hunting through emails, texts, memos, etc. They simply view study alerts on their smartphone. Push notifications help capture attention for time sensitive alerts.

Teckro Engage: The End of Generic Newsletters

Teckro clinical trial software is optimized for mobile devices. It is available for Apple and Android smartphones.  

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Teckro Engage is Part of the Teckro Platform

As part of the Teckro Platform, Teckro Engage is important for steady, relevant communication to sites and monitors. Here’s how it all works together:  

  • If site activity in Teckro Search is low, the study team can share recruitment best practices with Teckro Engage.
  • If medical monitors are answering repeat questions via Teckro Connect, the study team can send guidance to all site coordinators with Teckro Engage.  
  • If sites are making similar mistakes during a particular visit, the study team can send a reminder to investigators with Teckro Engage.
Teckro Engage: Part of the Teckro Platform

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