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Unblock sites with guidance directly from study experts with Teckro

Experts on Demand with Teckro Connect

Teckro Connect: Instant Messaging with Experts

Teckro Connect is a dedicated channel for sites to initiate conversations with study experts. It puts research staff and investigators in contact with those best suited to provide clarification or guidance. Convenient from a secure mobile application, sites and study experts are assigned to preconfigured groups so no site questions are left unanswered.

Unlike impromptu channels, Teckro Connect is compliant with industry regulations such as FDA's 21 CFR Part 11. Conversations are visible to everyone in the group and can be easily exported for inclusion in trial master files.

Teckro Connect: Instant Messaging with Experts

Expert Answers, Better Decisions

Teckro Connect supports research staff and investigator decisions throughout a clinical trial with a direct line to study experts, for example:

Assessing Eligibility

Clarify if a concomitant medication meets inclusion criteria

Conducting Visits

Confirm a specific procedure for an upcoming patient visit

Addressing Adverse Reactions

Determine whether to modify or interrupt the study drug

Harnessing the Power of Groups

Controlled access to study experts mitigates the risk of them being overrun with site questions while giving investigators access to knowledgeable resources. Assigning study experts to groups provides load balancing and continuous support across time zones. Study teams manage group assignments and can switch experts in and out as needed via Teckro. Sites need not keep track of specific study contacts. With visibility into site queries, sponsors can proactively address reoccurring themes with clarifications and efficiently leverage their experts.

No Site Queries Left Unanswered

Until now, site staff routinely wait several hours or even days to get answers. With any follow-on questions, waiting starts again. With Teckro Connect, sites have a controlled way to ask on-the-spot questions to study experts and receive direct medical information and complex scientific explanations straight from an expert. Other experts in the group can also add information or respond to follow-up questions. Conversations stay open until fully resolved, at which point anyone in the group can close it so it can be exported for inclusion in the trial master file.

Teckro Connect: No Site Queries Left Unanswered

Teckro clinical trial software is optimized for mobile devices. It is available for Apple and Android smartphones.  

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Teckro Connect is Part of the Teckro Platform

As part of the Teckro Platform, Teckro Connect provides real-time clarifications. Here’s how it all works together: 

  • After consulting the protocol and other study documents from Teckro Search, site staff and investigators ask follow on questions via Teckro Connect.  
  • When study teams want to share proactive guidance either from trending search topics or recurring questions in Teckro Connect, they send a Teckro Engage message.
  • When study teams want to gather feedback from sites or monitors, they send a Teckro Survey.
Teckro Connect: Part of the Teckro Platform

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