Answers at the Point of Care

The current clinical trial protocol neatly in your pocket with Teckro

Answers at the Point of Care with Teckro Search

Teckro Search: The Answers Engine

Teckro Search is the clinical trial search engine. It is a single place for digital study resources, including the study protocol, investigator’s brochure, and more. Convenient from any smartphone, results to keyword searches are returned instantly from only the approved, current study information.

Unlike paper binders or PDFs in a portal, busy research staff, investigators and study monitors have the clinical trial information they need, when and where they need it – saving time at the point of care. And for the first time, study teams have real-time actionable insight into trial performance.

Teckro Search: The Answers Engine

Immediate Answers, Better Decisions

Teckro Search supports research staff and investigator decisions throughout a clinical trial based on the current, approved protocol and other study content, for example:

Assessing Eligibility

Confirm whether a participant meets inclusion and exclusion criteria

Conducting Visits

Correctly run visits from an easy-to-follow schedule of activities

Addressing Adverse Reactions

Determine how to respond to potential participant safety concerns

A Command Center for Early Warning Signals

Teckro transforms the study protocol into a control center for trial performance. Every Teckro interaction gives sponsors valuable, actionable insights in real time. During recruitment, for example, sites actively consulting eligibility criteria in Teckro tend to enroll the right patients more quickly. Monitors and study teams can focus on sites with little to no activity to ensure accurate enrollment. Trending topics can also surface safety issues sooner so study teams can respond faster with proactive guidance to investigators.

No More Paper, No More Portals

Teckro Search consolidates digital study content, including the study protocol and other valuable documents, for on-the-spot access to study answers. Search results and related topics are returned in seconds. Additionally, users can easily browse study information in one place.

With Teckro there are no more version control worries. Protocol amendments and document updates are released as they are approved, so site users only ever have access to the current, approved documents. To eliminate doubt, the current protocol version is always visible.

Teckro Search: No More Paper, No More Portals

Teckro clinical trial software is optimized for mobile devices. It is available for Apple and Android smartphones.  

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Teckro Search is Part of the Teckro Platform

Teckro Search is the entry point for self-service answers. As part of the Teckro Platform, a range of communication channels make Teckro Search actionable. Here's how it all works together:

  • When site staff or investigators need further clarification or real-time guidance beyond the protocol, they initiate a direct conversation with study experts with Teckro Connect.
  • When study teams want to share proactive guidance based on trending search topics, they send a Teckro Engage message.
  • When study teams want to gather feedback from sites or monitors, they send a Teckro Survey.
Teckro Search: Part of the Teckro Platform

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