20/20 Vision for Clinical Trial Sponsors

Giving you insight to proactively address risk and meet your study goals with Teckro

20/20 Vision for Clinical Trial Sponsors with Teckro

It’s not hindsight. It’s Teckro.

When it comes to clinical trial performance, sponsors need 20/20 vision. Teckro transforms your clinical trial protocol from a static document into a hub of information on study performance. With real-time, actionable insights, you adopt a data-driven approach to manage risks and make course corrections.

Site-level visibility is required to strengthen study engagement. Unlike paper or static PDF protocols, Teckro shows you who is engaged with your protocol. Views into keyword searches and site questions mean you can spot issues and take action. Sites love Teckro because it makes their jobs simpler and easier – making you a sponsor of choice.

It’s not Hindsight. It’s Teckro.
Teckro data is really helpful in key decision making.

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A Hub for Communication and Collaboration

Impactful, Relevant Communication Your Sites Need

Teckro communication is secure, auditable and compliant with FDA's 21 CFR Part 11. Advanced menus help you send relevant alerts or quick surveys to certain sites or roles. Managed from a single dashboard, all study team members see what is sent, when, to whom, and open rates.

A Direct Channel for Sites to Make the Right Decision

Teckro is a controlled, compliant channel for sites to ask for real-time guidance directly from study experts – especially at the point of care. Unlike impromptu methods today, you have visibility into conversations, which can be exported for inclusion in trial reporting files.

Digital Innovation: Good for Patients and the Planet

Printed protocols aren’t environmentally friendly or convenient. Paper doesn’t show you who is viewing it or allow for controlled access. With Teckro, only the current approved protocol and associated amendments are accessible to sites, as approved.


of top 20 global pharma manage their trials with Teckro


reduction in protocol violations from sites using Teckro


therapeutic areas, phases, trial formats benefit with Teckro

Collaborate with Your Sites

Site activity with your protocol, trending search topics, questions to study experts – seeing these interactions gives you a better understanding of what’s really going on with your study. With this knowledge, you can reduce site burden, improve agility and drive data driven decision-making.

Send a time sensitive reminder ahead of an upcoming visit. Add a clarification for instructions in the study documents. Get feedback from sites with low activity and low enrollment to identify obstacles. Dashboards in Teckro give you the study knowledge and real-time visibility you need to be a partner with your sites.

Teckro clinical trial software is optimized for mobile devices so your sites have study answers when and where they need them.

Tackling Clinical Trial Diversity and Accessibility

Engaging local, community-based physicians is a way to build trust and awareness of clinical trials for underrepresented populations. It is also a way to shift the accessibility of clinical trials beyond major metro areas.  Teckro gives sponsors a platform to lower the barrier for newer physicians to engage with clinical research.

With a single place for accurate, current study content and real-time, purpose-built communication, you have a way to give extra coaching and guidance to those who need it most. Considering that newer sites and investigators tend to have a higher rate of protocol violations, your guidance is always in their hands with Teckro.

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