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Eliminate guesswork through direct site input with Teckro 

Create a Feedback Loop with Teckro Survey

Teckro Survey: Input Straight from Sites

With Teckro Survey, sponsors can easily get direct, unfiltered feedback from study staff in the field for data-driven decision-making. Study teams can quickly build and field surveys to capture qualitative and quantitative feedback from site staff, investigators and monitors. This allows sponsors to drive improved trial performance and inform future study design. Surveys can also be used to assist in site selection for upcoming studies. Teckro Survey complies with the FDA's 21 CFR Part 11.

Teckro Survey: Input Straight from Sites

Direct Feedback, Better Outcomes

Teckro Survey gives a voice to research staff and investigators on trial challenges and even future study design, for example:

Assessing Eligibility

What challenges are sites facing with recruitment?

Conducting Visits

What are the causes for screening visit failures?

Addressing Study Design

What is the feasibility of shifting to remote visits?

Eliminating Guesswork

Leveraging best practices, Teckro Survey guides users through question drafting and dissemination. With a mix of radio buttons and free form comments, administrators can collect both qualitative and quantitative feedback. Audience selection can be targeted to individuals, roles, sites or countries.

Teckro Survey shares the same dashboard as Teckro Engage so there is a consolidated view of what messages or surveys were sent, to whom and when. Metrics show the number of people who open and respond to the survey. Responses can be exported for further data analysis.

Give Sites a Voice

It is easy for research personnel, investigators and monitors to respond to a Teckro Survey from their smartphones. The simplified user experience walks recipients through the survey directly from the message. A progress bar prompts the user through survey completion. Push notifications help capture attention for time sensitive surveys. Both Teckro Survey and Teckro Engage messages are consolidated for users in the alerts section of the mobile app.

Teckro Survey: Give Sites a Voice

Teckro clinical trial software is optimized for mobile devices. It is available for Apple and Android smartphones.

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Teckro Survey is Part of the Teckro Platform

As part of the Teckro Platform, Teckro Survey keeps sites and monitors engaged with the study and drives data-driven decision making. It shares the same dashboard as Teckro Engage for one convenient place for study administrators to manage a regular flow of communication.

Teckro Survey: Part of the Teckro Platform

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