Teckro Connect

Clinical study experts on speed dial.

Informed study decisions with direct specialist advice

When in doubt, research staff need study experts to confirm the right course of action.

Teckro Connect is the link between research site staff and the experts who can provide clarifications or quick answers for immediate decisions.

Teckro Connect Benefits

Faster time to resolution

Greater site engagement

Improved protocol compliance

Make it easier for research staff to resolve study queries.

Physicians need answers on the spot when they are with a study participant.

The starting point should be the protocol – which is conveniently in their pockets with Teckro Search. But what about if there are additional questions or clarifications?

For the first time, research personnel can send their queries directly to a dedicated group of medical, scientific and study experts with Teckro Connect.

Open a direct line between research staff and people with the answers.

Teckro Connect is a secure, dedicated and compliant communication channel that directly connects research staff with experts.

Study teams assign medical monitors, other specialists, and research personnel to specific groups. This means research staff don’t need to worry about keeping track if a contact changes.

Communication threads are managed to resolution, so no question goes unanswered.

Gain valuable insight and take proactive action by learning from site questions and issues.

Teckro Connect gives sponsors first-hand insight into the questions and issues sites face.

Repeated questions are an opportunity to take proactive action. This might be a clarification that is added back into Teckro Search or targeted Teckro Engage messages to help other sites that could benefit from answers shared with Teckro Connect.

Every clinical trial starts with a question

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