Teckro Survey

Create a feedback loop between sponsors and research staff.

Identify improvement in your clinical trial process

In the clinical trial process, feedback is important.

With Teckro Survey, it is quick and easy for study teams to get direct feedback from research staff and study monitors on the ground.

Teckro Survey Benefits

Be the "sponsor of choice"

Tackle issues blocking sites

Identify process improvements

Quickly create a customized survey

Set up is fast and easy. Administrators are walked through the process of creating the survey questions and selecting who should receive it.

With a mix of fixed selections in radio buttons and free form comments, administrators can collect both qualitative and quantitative feedback.

Audience selection can be targeted to individuals, roles, sites or countries.

Make it easy for people to respond

Busy research staff are alerted to the survey and can respond through the Teckro app or online.

Study administrators can either send the survey message immediately or schedule it according to local hours of operation for the people receiving the survey.

Track communication in one place

Metrics are tracked in a dashboard to show the number of people who have read the message and responded to the survey.

All messages, whether sent through Teckro Survey or Teckro Engage, are consolidated for all study administrators to monitor what communication is sent to whom and when.

Export responses from Teckro Survey for further data analysis.

Every clinical trial starts with a question

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