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November 24, 2022

Breaking Down Barriers for Better LGBTQ+ Health - Stewart O'Callaghan

      Stewart O'Callaghan

      Stewart O'Callaghan

      Founder & CEO at Live Through This


    Diagnosed with a rare form of cancer in their late twenties, Stewart O’Callaghan was determined to make a difference for others. After the complexity of navigating the healthcare system as an LGBTQ+ patient, Stewart set up Live Through This, the UK’s only charity that supports and advocates for LGBTQ+ people affected by cancer. Stewart discusses hopes and ambitions for the future and explains why people shouldn’t fear “getting it wrong.”

    “There is a willingness to change, but a fear of getting it wrong. And I see this across research and health and third sector. I think a lot of people now understand that there is a duty to be representative of the general population or minoritized populations and there is a duty to have this intersectional lens.”

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