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August 3, 2022

How Bioethics Supports Patient Centricity - Katrina Bramstedt

      Katrina Bramstedt

      Katrina Bramstedt

      Global Head of BioEthics at Roche


    What is the role of bioethics in medical decision-making? Here to explain more about this fascinating topic is Katrina Bramstedt, global head of bioethics at Roche. During this episode of the Totally Clinical podcast, Katrina discusses the crucial role bioethics has in the industry, why she believes every pharmaceutical company should have a bioethics department – and expands on how bioethics can support patient centricity.

    "Patient centricity is very much connected to bioethics because we want to make products that patients actually need, not products that we think they need or we think might be nice to develop for whatever reason."

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