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February 9, 2022

Parkinson's and Living a Life of Purpose - Cathy Molohan

      Cathy Molohan

      Cathy Molohan

      International Relations Manager at YUVEDO Foundation


    What started as a slight tremor in her right hand led to a Friday afternoon neurologist consultation and the unwelcome discovery of Parkinson’s disease at just 38 years old. Ten years later, full-time “eternal optimist” and determined advocate Cathy Molohan shares her thoughts on deep brain stimulation, why exercise is so important to manage symptoms and the never-ending quest for a Parkinson's cure.

    Below are links to more information on Parkinson's disease:

    “Normally we just see the numbers, we see the statistics, we see the results. I think it's essential to give Parkinson's a face and voice, and Parkinson's is a disease that can take away many people's ability or desire to speak out loud – to really be seen.”

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