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June 17, 2022

Putting Patients at Ease. Diversity and the Comfort of a Familiar Face - Steph Anderson

      Steph Anderson

      Steph Anderson

      Chief People Officer at Meridian Clinical Research


    Taking part in a clinical trial can be a daunting experience - especially for those in underrepresented communities. This week, Steph Anderson, chief people officer at Meridian Clinical Research, joins us to discuss the importance of patient engagement with diverse communities to reduce obstacles and increase participation. Steph also discusses Merdian’s new diversity initiative and explains why other companies shouldn’t let perfection hold them back in tackling diversity, equity and inclusion.

    "Walking into a study can be anxiety-inducing for anyone. When you add in the layer of not knowing if you are psychologically safe because you're in a minority or you've experienced bias, that can be an extra factor."

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