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November 5, 2021

Reason for Hope: Moving the Needle on Ovarian Cancer Survival Rates - Deborah Zajchowski

      Deborah Zajchowski

      Dr. Deborah Zajchowski

      Scientific Director at Clearity Foundation


    Founded 13 years ago, the non-profit Clearity Foundation helps ovarian cancer patients navigate their best treatment options and has made considerable progress with advancements in tumor biomarker testing.

    Clearity’s Scientific Director Dr. Deborah Zajchowski joins us on the podcast to discuss her role in creating the foundation’s ground-breaking tools, including tumor profiling reports and the clinical trial finder. She also shares why there is hope for the future of ovarian cancer survival rates.

    “I think that the greatest impact will come from tests to detect ovarian cancer earlier. There are multiple academics and pharma groups doing this that have shown early signs of promise – and we will see these tests in the next five years.”

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