Current Clinical Trial Documents Neatly in Your Pocket

Immediate answers to study questions from your mobile device

About Teckro Search

In our daily lives, we find answers on the spot with our smartphone or tablet. Why shouldn't finding answers to clinical trial questions be the same?

Now with Teckro Search, busy research staff and CRAs have immediate, accurate answers from their mobile devices. And for the first time, study managers and monitors know who is looking at their protocols and what they are searching.

Teckro benefits:

  • Be sure that only approved versions of clinical trial documents are in the hands of research staff and CRAs
  • Give research staff the most current information on eligibility, treatment schedules and handling adverse events
  • Get ahead of potential issues by analyzing search terms and trends
  • Understand who is looking at the protocol and how often
  • Save paper and stop printing clinical trial documents


Secure access to study information anytime, anywhere

  • Teckro Search is a single place for study information - the protocol, study design, and study contacts.
  • Updates to the protocol and other clinical trial documents are managed behind the scenes so users only ever have the current, approved documents for them.
  • An easy-to-navigate study overview provides quick access to important study information and hyperlinks to source documents.


Accurate answers from current, approved clinical trial documents

  • Users find answers to clinical trial questions by typing keywords into a familiar search bar.
  • Teckro Search accurately matches even complex queries with the most relevant information across the protocol and other clinical trial documents.
  • Contextually aware, Teckro Search anticipates next best actions to guide the user with additional information in the results.


Real-time visibility into study engagement

  • For the first time, study managers can answer questions about who is looking at their protocol.
  • An interactive global map gives a worldwide view of search activity.
  • A dashboard of search terms gives good insight into potential issues with the study design, clinical trial documents, or early indications of safety issues.