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September 14, 2021

Enabling Sites for Outcomes

Fundamental principles for today’s clinical trials

    In the last year, clinical trial operations were forced to welcome alternative technological approaches to alleviate disruptions from the global pandemic. With the dust settled a bit and a taste of the increased efficiency and visibility offered by these approaches, many are considering how to leverage this momentum to optimize use of technology beyond disruption management. But how can all study stakeholders maximize the benefit of the technology on offer?

    This panel discussion is designed to equip senior leadership in clinical operations with a framework to select and evaluate innovation and manage change to optimize clinical trials not only for today but with lasting effects for the future. Rather than reviewing tactical decisions about point solutions, this industry discussion gives you tips and insights from key trial stakeholders on how to ensure your evaluation of technology starts with the end in mind and supports faster, safer, more efficient clinical trials.


    Moderated by Malia Lewin, Teckro's global head of strategy, panelists also include:

    • Lydia Beaudette, manager of growth & strategic partnerships, LMC Manna
    • Silvina Baudino, Teckro director, site strategy