Introducing the Newest “Teckronauts” – Malia Lewin and Silvina Baudino

A Conversation with Teckro’s Newest Leadership Hires on International Clinical Trials Day

May 20, 2021

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World-class talent makes a company not only successful on paper but also an exciting and energetic place to work. In the nearly six years I’ve been with Teckro, we continue to expand our leadership team and bring on many talented new hires across all disciplines – engineering and product, our services team, and many new faces on the commercial side.

Today we introduce two of our newest “Teckronauts” – Malia Lewin and Silvina Baudino, both joining to scale our global market strategy. It also happens to be International Clinical Trials Day, so I took the opportunity to chat with both of them about why they were inspired to join the company, their thoughts on the future of the industry and more…

Conor: Hello to you both and welcome to Teckro! Can I start by asking what inspired you to join Teckro? 

Malia: Right now, the life sciences industry is leveraging technology to change the game of scientific discovery. There are beautiful, sophisticated, amazing things happening in the lab, but these are often hampered from getting to market and saving the lives of patients because of old, slow, paper-based models. Teckro has a simple yet extremely valuable solution that enables end-to-end efficiency and digital capability in clinical research in a manner that’s never been seen before.

Silvina: When I first learned about Teckro I was immediately impressed! Teckro is doing something that is unique. Where many are concentrating on decentralized clinical trial models, Teckro is really working on modernizing the protocol, which is so important. The protocol is the blueprint of clinical research, but has been really overlooked. Teckro is in a unique position to help sites to manage their demanding workloads and provide their best delivery outcome for patients.

Conor: We’re finally beginning to see a push to modernize and simplify clinical trials, in part to deal with the global pandemic. How can the industry leverage this momentum for the future?  

Silvina: During the global pandemic, the level of awareness was raised exponentially. Everybody was talking about clinical research; people worldwide were following the progress of the vaccine research and were even willing to get involved, which is so difficult in clinical research. Now, our responsibility is to keep momentum, to really make clinical trials simpler and more efficient. If we can do that, more sites will want to be engaged in clinical research and more clinical trials will be available for patients.  

Malia: When I think about the pandemic and the impact it's had on the world,  of course, but also on the clinical trial industry specifically, I think there are certain things that have happened that have forever changed the way we think about drug development. And I think one of those things is the urgency of improving safety, speed and efficiency from the point where we discover something to the point where it's actually delivered to patients.

Conor: Could you explain a bit more about how technology is helping enable this process?

Malia: For too long the industry has really been using unstructured data formats, such as paper, PDF documents, etc. that really trap information. By putting that information into digital formats and really structuring it into its component parts, you can do a lot more, know a lot more, see a lot more, communicate more, and understand more about the underlying information.

When I think about a piece of information like a clinical trial protocol and all of the components that are in it, solutions like Teckro can help the industry start to free their information from being trapped and will allow people to do more with it. And by doing more with it, they will be able to get these discoveries to patients more quickly.  

Conor: On International Clinical Trials Day, it’s a time for us to reflect. Can I ask, what do clinical trials mean to you? 

Silvina: I joined the clinical research world by chance, and I fell in love with it. I am proud to be part of it! I hope that working together, we can maintain the level of awareness that we got because of the pandemic. And we can really engage more people to work with us. Every day brings an opportunity to make a positive impact in people's lives.

Malia: On a personal level, my mother participated in a clinical trial a couple of years ago, and through her participation in the trial, we were able to learn certain things about her health that we didn't know before. And these were things that really related to the ultimate outcomes of the trial. So, I happen to know that in addition to the outcomes of clinical trials changing and saving people's lives, sometimes being in a trial can save your life.

Read the press release that includes a short video with Malia and Silvina talking about why they joined Teckro.

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