eBook: Is Your Clinical Trial Protocol Really Fit for Purpose?

We depend on smartphones and digital devices to manage multiple aspects of our lives and we don’t need to be tech geniuses. Smartphones are extensions of almost every aspect of our lives – health, communication, education, entertainment, travel – all with a touch of a button.

Information is always easily at our fingertips and it makes life better. So why do we still rely on paper protocols for clinical trials? In the cutting edge of modern medicine, why has access to the primary interface to the trial – the protocol – not kept pace with modern technology? Even the regulators are encouraging technology adoption.

This eBook looks at the barriers for site staff, monitors and sponsors with traditional paper clinical trial protocols. And it presents the opportunities when critical study information is immediately accessible for everyone - when and where you need it.  

Time to read: 15 minutes

eBook - Is Your Paper Clinical Trial Protocol Really Fit for Purpose?

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