About Teckro

Who uses Teckro?

Teckro clinical trial software is used by investigators, research site staff, monitors and sponsors.

What therapeutic areas does Teckro support?

Teckro supports all therapeutic areas in all phases. We have experience with studies in multiple disease areas, including oncology, CNS, cardiovascular, respiratory, metabolic disorders, dermatology, and GI.  We also have many COVID-19 trials live on Teckro.

What are the main benefits of Teckro for sponsors?

We find that Teckro is a differentiator for sponsors trying to secure the best research sites. They become the “sponsor of choice” with research staff because Teckro makes their job easier.  Sponsors also gain visibility sooner into issues blocking sites so they can proactively take action. In the end, sponsors can reduce time to market by improving clinical trial operations with Teckro.

What are the main benefits of Teckro for monitors?

With Teckro, communication is significantly improved among monitors, research sites and sponsors. Everyone can be kept informed in real-time of critical study changes and other essential guidance. Monitors can also better plan site visits and focus on sites that need the most help.

What are the main benefits of Teckro for research sites?  

Sites using Teckro enroll the right patients faster and have fewer protocol deviations and violations. Because the protocol is always available from any digital device, investigators can better address potential patient safety issues – even if they receive a query in the middle of the night.

How does Teckro work?

From any digital device, any study team member (such as principal and sub-investigators, study coordinators or CRAs) can enter a query in the search bar. This can include anything from amended eligibility criteria, specific procedures for a given visit, or dose modifications. Relevant, accurate answers from approved study documents are returned in seconds by analyzing all trial information in Teckro. Study managers can see what is being searched, when and by whom, which could point to the need for clarifications or show early indications of potential safety issues.

When there are study updates or changes, Teckro messaging delivers targeted communication by individuals, roles, sites, or countries.  Users are alerted by a push notification to their mobile device or through in-app messages, so they don’t miss important communication.  Site staff can also initiate messages to medical monitors or other study team members for additional guidance. Teckro is compliant with industry regulations, including 21 CFR Part 11, and messages can be exported for inclusion in your TMF.  

How do users access Teckro?

Teckro is accessible from a secure mobile application for Android or iOS smartphones, which can be downloaded from the usual app stores. Users can also log into a secure web application from the Teckro website. New users register their account in a couple of quick steps.

How do users know what studies they have access to with Teckro?

Study teams determine what sites and what users should have access to a given study. It is easy for users to switch between studies if they are on multiple with Teckro.

What documents can be added to Teckro?

Any documents the study teams want can be added to Teckro. Typically, this includes the protocol along with other key documents, such as the investigator brochure, lab manual, pharmacy manual, monitoring manual, etc. Videos, images and links to other external content, such as training material can also be added to Teckro if requested.

What happens when there is a protocol amendment?

Study teams provide us with approved protocol amendments or updates to other study documents. These updates are implemented in Teckro, then we release to users on a site or country-level as IRB/EC approval is received.

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