Listen: Less Is More. Unless We’re Talking About Physicians in Clinical Trials.

Jul 27, 2021

We talk with Teckro CEO and Co-Founder Gary Hughes about his vision to engage every physician in clinical research, the 10 core principles that inspired Teckro's emphatic approach to platform design, and where he thinks the future lies for clinical trial technology.

Gary explains why aiming for 10% better, faster or cheaper clinical trials is not the way forward, and what three core issues need to be addressed to make any real impact on the outcomes of clinical trials. Visit our company overview for more information on Teckro's mission, and connect with Gary via LinkedIn here.

“What we need in clinical research is more sites and more physicians who are participating in clinical research, not less. We've always thought about it from that perspective. The big challenge in clinical trials is not just the lack of patient participation - it’s the lack of physician participation.”

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