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To mark International Women’s Day, we launched our Teckro Podcast Series: Women in Leadership. We hear from a number of senior women involved with organizations related to women’s health and the pharmaceutical industry. Each shares perspectives on the advancements women have made and the road ahead to continue with progress.

Episode 1

We hear from three women in the pharmaceutical and health industries:

They talk about stereotypes of women in the professional world, share tips they would want to give to themselves at the start of their careers, and more.


Episode 2

We speak with Hillary Theakston, Executive Director of The Clearity Foundation. Hillary talks about her career motivations and reflects on the impact of her mentors. She also describes the Clearity Foundation and its role in guiding women with ovarian cancer to better clinical outcomes.

Episode 3

We speak with Ovarian Cancer Canada CEO Elisabeth Baugh about what the future holds for women in leadership, how to tackle the gender gap at the top, and her work with AboutFace to enhance the emotional and mental well-being of individuals with facial differences. 

Episode 4

We talk to Daré Bioscience President and CEO Sabrina Martucci Johnson about her perspective on the advancements women have made in the biotech industry, why good things happen when we're not afraid to take a leap, and how adopting a mindful approach in our professional lives helps us separate legitimate progress from pointless activity.

Episode 5

Pharmaceutical executive and consultant Dairine Dempsey wants to see more done to address the lack of female representation at a senior level. We also discuss imposter syndrome, the importance of emotional intelligence, and what still motivates her after a long, exciting career in the industry.

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