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Study Enrollment

Setting Sites Up For Success

Site staff and investigators are the conduit between sponsors and patients. Engaged sites will recruit, enroll and retain patients. Enable real-time answers and guidance at the point of care to assist critical enrollment decisions in clinic, better supporting your sites to meet study milestones.

Enrollment decisions in clinic
Campaigns Support Study Milestones

Campaigns Support Milestones

Share recruitment tips. Provide details for an upcoming visit. Use campaigns at the right time.


Beyond Static Content

Deliver more impactful content. Use multimedia for concepts hard to convey in writing.

Hear Your Sites

Hear Your Sites

Don’t guess what your sites need – ask them. Give your sites a voice to keep them engaged.

A Top 10 sponsor aligns with sites for enrollment success

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Protocol Adherence

Immediate Answers for Better Decisions

With increasingly complex protocols and more endpoints, investigators and site staff need to make the right decisions to protect data integrity and patient safety. Create the bridge for sponsors to share their knowledge with sites and monitors at the point of care.

Clinical investigators and site staff

Conveniently Accessible

Unlike paper protocols or portals, Teckro is in researchers’ pockets. Guidance anytime, anywhere.

The Right Version in Hand

The Right Version in Hand

Researchers always have the current protocol. Monitors easily audit version assignments.

Dedicated study experts

High Fidelity Answers

Increase confidence by connecting sites with study experts in a secure, compliant channel.

Tufts CSDD study reveals disconnect between sites and protocol instruction


Engage Sites, Retain Patients

It's increasingly important to keep hold of top-performing sites, and nurture positive, enduring relationships with sites that are more research naïve. Effectively supporting and engaging sites leads to more patients considered for enrollment and aids sites to successfully retain them.

Clinical research study site staff
Research Site Outreach

Truly Useful Outreach

Deliver the right message to the right people with timely, impactful study communications.

Keep Sites in Your Study

Keep Sites in Your Study

Leverage push notifications for study alerts to keep sites coming back to Teckro – and your protocol.


Make it Easy to Succeed

Provide sites with all the resources they need to excel, with expert support when they want it most.

Clinical trial technology sites want

Study Startup

Predictably Meet SIV Milestones

The study start-up phase is critical for any clinical trial. Today, disconnected, siloed approaches slow progress, putting SIV dates at risk. Streamline tasks and centralize oversight, reduce the stress for everyone.

Study startup

The End of Trackers

Simply manage site activation tasks in one place with clear due dates. Changes are reflected in real-time for everyone.

Study startup

Easy Answers, No Time Wasted

A dedicated site support channel linked directly in the checklist simplifies getting answers that otherwise block progress.

Study startup

Convenient Oversight

Automated workflows notify the right stakeholders of task completion. Easily monitor activity and progress per site.

Power collaboration to accelerate progress

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