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November 20, 2020

Teckro Expands Product Portfolio to Unblock Clinical Research Site Staff

Introducing Teckro Connect to ease pressure on busy staff at research sites

    Clinical trial software provider Teckro introduces Teckro Connect as the newest feature in its digital engagement solution, giving research site staff direct and immediate access to study experts.

    Research staff are blocked without timely answers to questions and clarifications during the conduct of clinical trials. And they can lack confidence in the answers to complex medical questions if they are not directly from expert sources.

    The communication challenges facing research site staff surfaced in recent research published by the Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development and Teckro. For example, while study monitors are a main source of protocol information, responses back to site staff take some time. The research also highlights that medical monitors and study teams are rarely resources for research staff.

    Connecting Research Sites and Study Experts

    Time delays and a lack of trust in the information provided cause unnecessary frustration for research site staff. Teckro addresses this frustration through a combination of mobile self-service access to all study documents with Teckro Search and a secure, dedicated communication channel for research staff to directly query study experts with Teckro Connect.

    With Teckro Connect, research staff can ask for clarification or confirm information from the secure Teckro mobile application. The message is received by a dedicated group of medical and scientific experts, giving everyone involved transparency into the response. This leaves no question unanswered and gives staff confidence in the fidelity of the information. It also provides a thread of communication for further clarification, if necessary.

    For the first time, sponsors have real-time visibility into site queries and can directly connect study experts in a controlled way with staff conducting the trials. Teckro Connect is compliant with industry regulations, including FDA 21 CFR Part 11. All communication threads are managed to resolution and can be exported for inclusion in the trial master file.

    View this infographic for more explanation about Teckro Connect and how it helps research staff get study answers they need.

    Dr. Brendan Buckley, Chief Medical Officer at Teckro, says, We understand and have empathy for how difficult it can be for site staff to conduct clinical trials. We built Teckro because accessing the protocol using old-fashioned methods is inconvenient, inefficient and time-consuming. For this reason, site staff around the world ask for Teckro on their trials.”

    Gary Hughes, CEO at Teckro, says, “I am proud of the work we have done to launch Teckro Connect, starting with research to deeply understand the problem. We’re always working on new ideas to make clinical trials stakeholders’ jobs as easy as possible. This is more important than ever, and there is urgent need for simple technology solutions to reform the clinical trials process for better outcomes for staff, sponsors and patients.”