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Clinical Research Has a Workforce Shortage. Here’s How to Solve It - Judy Galindo, Monica Cuitiva

Aug 09, 2022

What can we do to tackle the workforce shortage in clinical research? This episode Judy Galindo and Monica Cuitiva, co-founders of Latinos in Clinical Research, join us to examine the potential solutions. During the podcast, the pair explain why education plays a pivotal role in raising awareness of the industry’s potential, why sponsors, sites and CROs need to hire more entry-level staff, and emphasize the urgency for more resources to help train and retain staff.

"Online trainings are excellent, but also hands-on exposure; shadowing coordinators, research assistants, various other positions within – that's the training that's required to bring these people on, a combination of both."

How Bioethics Supports Patient Centricity - Katrina Bramstedt

Aug 03, 2022

What is the role of bioethics in medical decision-making? Here to explain more about this fascinating topic is Katrina Bramstedt, global head of bioethics at Roche. During this episode of the Totally Clinical podcast, Katrina discusses the crucial role bioethics has in the industry, why she believes every pharmaceutical company should have a bioethics department – and expands on how bioethics can support patient centricity.

"Patient centricity is very much connected to bioethics because we want to make products that patients actually need, not products that we think they need or we think might be nice to develop for whatever reason."

Challenges and Opportunities for Clinical Trials in Developing Nations - Robbyn Mattei

Jul 22, 2022

This week Robbyn Mattei, co-founder and director of Alpha Trials joins the Totally Clinical podcast from South Africa. Robbyn shares his insight into the developing clinical research landscape in the region and is passionate about increasing the viability of clinical trials in South Africa.

"In developing countries like South Africa, infrastructure and funding is severely limited, and this means we have fewer facilities that can accommodate clinical trials."

The Greater Gift Recognition for Clinical Trial Participants - Lilly Skok Bunch

Jul 13, 2022

This week, Lilly Skok Bunch, executive director of the non-profit organization Greater Gift joins us to share the unique patient-oriented mission of showing gratitude to clinical trial participants. More than just a feel-good gesture, Lilly explains the tangible benefits for companies including Merck. Emboldened by their impact, Lilly also discusses how the Greater Good is looking to tackle clinical trial diversity, equity and inclusion.

"We are expressing gratitude to the medical heroes who clinical research could not happen without and we are also encouraging individuals to stay enrolled in the studies that they have been involved with."

How Teckro Improves Patient Centricity - Grayson Scott

Jul 06, 2022

This week on the Totally Clinical podcast we welcome Grayson Scott, clinical research coordinator and site supervisor at Centricity Research. This is a very special episode because we hear first hand from Grayson about how Teckro supports his day job. Grayson explains how Teckro helps him put the patient first with access to essential study content in the palm of his hand and elaborates on why more sponsor-to-site lines of communication are urgently needed…

"I'm really excited about the communication possibilities with Teckro. I don't think currently that there are enough lines of communication open with sites to sponsors."

Introducing…Teckro’s New Director of Oncology Strategy Jenn Weinberg

Jun 30, 2022

This week Jenn Weinberg joins us on the podcast. Jenn brings a wealth of experience working at industry giants including Novartis and GSK and now is rolling up her sleeves at Teckro on a mission to simplify oncology clinical trials. In our discussion, Jenn explains how she accidentally ended up working in oncology and recounts a patient conversation that continues to give her purpose. 

"I'm looking forward to seeing Teckro embedded in earlier stages of oncology trials to simplify the lives of everybody working on them – from CRAs, research sites, and even the global teams so they have better oversight on these important trials."

Putting Patients at Ease. Diversity and the Comfort of a Familiar Face - Steph Anderson

Jun 17, 2022

Taking part in a clinical trial can be a daunting experience - especially for those in underrepresented communities. This week, Steph Anderson, chief people officer at Meridian Clinical Research, joins us to discuss the importance of patient engagement with diverse communities to reduce obstacles and increase participation. Steph also discusses Merdian’s new diversity initiative and explains why other companies shouldn’t let perfection hold them back in tackling diversity, equity and inclusion.

"Walking into a study can be anxiety-inducing for anyone. When you add in the layer of not knowing if you are psychologically safe because you're in a minority or you've experienced bias, that can be an extra factor."

Teckro Powered, Blue T-Shirts and Reaching for the Stars! - Silvina Baudino

Jun 09, 2022

Silvina Baudino, our director of site engagement, is back on the Totally Clinical podcast! We last caught up in December last year – and she’s been very busy since – spreading the word about our exciting new community for sites, Teckro Powered. From Texas to Florida, Silvina relays engaging tales from her travels, explaining how the Teckro Powered program can help support diversity, her big plans for the program’s international expansion – and the popularity of the Teckro Powered blue T-shirt!

“You know, we always shoot for the stars. We have the power to get there!”

A Conversation with Peter Gray, Teckro’s Chairman of the Board

May 20, 2022

This week on the Totally Clinical podcast we have a very special guest: Peter Gray, Teckro chairman. In honor of International Clinical Trials Day, Peter shares his industry insights and experiences from being associated with the pharmaceutical services industry for several decades. As the former CEO of ICON, one of the world’s largest CROs, Peter elaborates on why he was inspired to join Teckro and shares what he sees for the future of clinical trials.

“When they approached me to ask me to chair Teckro, I was an enthusiastic participant because I so profoundly believe that quality is essential in clinical research and making clinical research as accessible as possible for investigators, investigative sites and patients is essential for the advancement of human health.”

A Scientist Explains Why Clinical Trials Are Not a Last Resort - Anne Mette Buhl

May 11, 2022

Many patients don’t realize that clinical trials are a way to get tomorrow’s treatments today. Joining us on the podcast to discuss this topic further, is Dr. Anne Mette Buhl, senior scientist at the Clearity Foundation, an advocacy group that improves the survival and quality of life of women suffering from ovarian cancer. Anne Mette talks us through the different phases of trials, the benefits of the Clearity clinical trials finder, and what patients need to be aware of when it comes to the eligibility criteria of oncology clinical trials.

“A common misconception is that a clinical trial is something you consider once you have already used up all your other options – and I think that's very wrong.”

Tapping the Power of Positivity in Clinical Research - Nikki Osborn

May 03, 2022

For many sites, retaining staff is difficult. The nature of the industry, trial complexity, costs and regulatory burden can lead to high levels of attrition and even burnout. However, one woman is on a mission to bring cultural change to sites. Nikki Osborn is CEO of Meridian Clinical Research – which she founded in 1999 and built up to a network of more than 30 research sites and 90 principal investigators. From charitable bucket lists to fleur-de-lis tokens, Nikki explains more about her goal to bring the power of positivity to sites.

“We have the same struggles that a lot of people have when it comes to hiring and employee retention. And so what we've done is we try to think out of the box a little bit.”

Less Waste More Haste: Safer Clinical Trials and a Cleaner Planet - Jeanne Hecht, Malia Lewin

Apr 21, 2022

Sustainability maybe isn't a word that you immediately associate with clinical trials. And the reality is that there are inefficiencies throughout the trial process that actually work against creating a greener planet. On World Earth Day, Jeanne Hecht of JTH Consulting and Teckro's Malia Lewin reflect on what sustainability means in clinical research and the impact of Teckro, including how more streamlined communications leads to less travel, more trial efficiency, and a greener approach.

“Wow, this isn't just great for the environment. This is also amazing for the patient.” – Jeanne Hecht

The Tragedy of a Brain Tumor Diagnosis and the Courage to Talk About It - Sonia Araujo

Apr 14, 2022

Sonia Araujo discusses the incredibly moving blog she wrote about her aunt Lena’s brain tumor diagnosis. From waking up one day with blurred vision to facing the terrible reality of grade 4 gliosarcoma – a rare type of brain cancer – Sonia elaborates on her aunt’s journey.

"I find that people shy away from talking about these things and I think the opposite. I think we need to talk about these experiences, so there is more awareness."

Two Former CRAs on Trust, Technology and Friendship - Silvina Baudino, Maria Milas

Apr 07, 2022

This week we’re joined by Silvina and Maria, both Teckro employees, as they compare notes on their past lives working in clinical research and reflect on the pivotal role of clinical research associates (CRAs). Silvina Baudino, Teckro director of site engagement, and Maria Milas, Teckro solutions consultant, talk about how CRAs are the “glue” of trials, overseeing multiple sites and building strong working relationships with research staff. With topics ranging from lifelong friendships made working in clinical research to the importance of trust and musings about technology and the future of the industry, Silvina and Maria draw on their experience to spotlight CRAs.

"Just to give you an example, my best friend used to be a CRA when I was a study coordinator more than 20 years ago. That is the kind of relationship you sometimes have with your CRAs."

Why Pediatric Clinical Trials Need to Grow Up - Cindy Jackson

Mar 24, 2022

This week, Cindy Jackson, chief operating officer at the Institute for Advanced Clinical Trials in Children discusses the complex topic of pediatric drug development. From misunderstandings in designing clinical trials to the problem of "lag time" where children don’t get access to treatments as quickly as adults, Cindy explains why the situation is unacceptable. As a champion for children's drug development, she outlines how things can change, starting with clinical trial referrals as an automatic part of children's patient care.

"This long lag time between adult approval and pediatric approval in the same indication can be upwards of a decade or even longer, and I find this statistic really sad."

How Community-Based Research Sites are Revolutionizing the Patient/Physician Relationship - Courtney Alexander

Mar 16, 2022

For some physicians, the intense workload and pressures of clinical trial settings can become overwhelming. This week, Courtney Alexander, site supervisor, contract and budget manager at Centricity Research, explains how community-based research sites support physicians by freeing up time so they can focus on the most important part of clinical trials: the patient. During this podcast, Courtney touches on the crucial role of the coordinator to help physicians with “growing pains,” how Centricity's patient-centric approach helps sites meet key metrics like enrollment goals, and how community-based sites are increasing access to clinical trials for all.

"Everybody should have access to clinical trials – everybody. And everyone should know that clinical research is not a last option."

Our Bold Goal for the Pancreatic Cancer Survival Rate - Cassadie Moravek

Feb 25, 2022

Pancreatic cancer is one of the deadliest forms of cancer. With a five-year survival rate of just 11%, a diagnosis has long been considered a death sentence.

However, there is hope. Cassadie Moravek, a director of clinical trial operations at the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network, joins us to explain how genetic testing and biomarkers are changing the game for patients – and elaborates on ambitious plans to increase the survival rate to 20% by 2030.

"So many people don't realize the options available to them, even though genetic testing has made huge leaps forward in the last few years."

Women in Leadership Series - Sabrina Johnson

Feb 16, 2022

We talk to Daré Bioscience President and CEO Sabrina Johnson about her perspective on the advancements women have made in the biotech industry, why good things happen when we're not afraid to take a leap, and how adopting a mindful approach in our professional lives helps us separate legitimate progress from pointless activity.

Parkinson's and Living a Life of Purpose - Cathy Molohan

Feb 09, 2022

What started as a slight tremor in her right hand led to a Friday afternoon neurologist consultation and the unwelcome discovery of Parkinson’s disease at just 38 years old. Ten years later, full-time “eternal optimist” and determined advocate Cathy Molohan shares her thoughts on deep brain stimulation, why exercise is so important to manage symptoms and the never-ending quest for a Parkinson's cure.

Below are links to more information on Parkinson's disease:

“Normally we just see the numbers, we see the statistics, we see the results. I think it's essential to give Parkinson's a face and voice, and Parkinson's is a disease that can take away many people's ability or desire to speak out loud – to really be seen.”

If We Close the Care Gap, Cancer Doesn’t Have to be a Death Sentence - Janine Huguenin

Feb 03, 2022

The Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) holds its annual initiative World Cancer Day on February 4. Global health, medicine and clinical research communities unite to raise awareness, improve education around cancer risks and emphasize the need for early diagnosis. Today, over 80% of all countries have a National Cancer Control Plan compared to just 66% in 2013.

On World Cancer Day 2022, UICC Campaign Manager Janine Huguenin joins us to discuss the ambitious "Close the Care Gap" campaign, with plans to bring equity to cancer health for all. From celebrating real-word progress and building stronger alliances to mobilizing politicians, celebrities and friends, Janine is determined to shake up the system for lasting change.

“We will just do more than spreading the word. We're going to shout it out from the rooftops. We are going to build stronger alliances and innovative new collaborations, and then it's really about mobilizing our friends, engaging our community. It's about rallying everyone we know behind this common cause.”

Women in Leadership Series - Dairine Dempsey

Jan 27, 2022

Pharmaceutical executive and consultant Dairine Dempsey urges women not to second-guess their ability, stresses the importance of emotional intelligence in the workplace, and highlights the need to address the lack of female representation at a senior level.

Speaking the Same Language. Dispelling Myths in Minority Communities About Clinical Trials - Van Johnson

Jan 13, 2022

With ethnic minorities representing as little as 2% of all clinical trial participants in the US, Van Johnson, VP of business development at Benchmark Research, talks about the pressing issues surrounding underserved communities. He advises on how to increase engagement by addressing fears and speaking the "right language" and shares his optimism for the future in closing the clinical trial gap.

“The key to building trust is for the pharmaceutical companies, the CROs, and clinical research sites to understand and acknowledge inequities.”

From Personalized Medicine to the Spirit of Collaboration - Why Teckro's Excited About 2022

Jan 07, 2022

In Totally Clinical’s first podcast of 2022, an all-female star lineup from Teckro’s leadership team discuss what they’re excited about in the year ahead. They talk about encouraging the spirit of collaboration among sites, and the appeal of a hybrid approach to trials. They also delve into the future of personalized medicine and the post-COVID landscape for conferences. Sounds like 2022 will be a bumper year!

"I'm interested to see how we define what a hybrid model is. It seems to be emerging as the preferred choice, so that things do not operate in the traditional way or don't go fully to a decentralized model, but somewhere in the middle." – Malian Lewin, Teckro Global Head of Strategy

Women in Leadership Series - Hillary Theakston

Dec 28, 2021

We speak with Hillary Theakston, Executive Director of The Clearity Foundation. Hillary talks about her career motivations and reflects on the impact of her mentors. She also describes The Clearity Foundation and its role in guiding women with ovarian cancer to better clinical outcomes.

Less Is More. Unless We’re Talking About Physicians in Clinical Trials - Gary Hughes

Dec 23, 2021

We talk with Teckro CEO and Co-Founder Gary Hughes about his vision to engage every physician in clinical research, the 10 core principles that inspired Teckro's emphatic approach to platform design, and where he thinks the future lies for clinical trial technology.

Gary explains why aiming for 10% better, faster or cheaper clinical trials is not the way forward, and the three core issues that need to be addressed to make any real impact on outcomes.

“To support bringing new medicines to parts of the world where research wouldn’t traditionally be conducted is hugely rewarding in itself.”

How Teckro Unlocks Site Engagement for More Efficient Clinical Trials - Andrea Parish

Dec 21, 2021

We talked with Andrea Parish about her latest blog How Teckro Unlocks Site Engagement for More Efficient Clinical Trials. In this podcast, she explains why real-time communication is a game-changer for clinical trials and some tips for how sponsors can keep their sites happy.

“With site engagement it’s all about targeted communication to specific roles within a clinical trial. What we know is that’s what makes site engagement successful.”

Giving Sites a Seat at the Table - Silvina Baudino

Dec 17, 2021

Silvina Baudino, Teckro’s director of site strategy, returns to the podcast to update us on her vital work with sites, gaining key feedback on how they are using technology and their main pain points. Silvina touches on the differing needs of sites, collaborations with clinical research organizations and how sites are finally getting a seat at the table.

“We want to keep a channel of communication open with sites. Hear what they have to say and get feedback and input to make sure we are taking into account their voice."

A Bright Future. How Sites Are Finally Finding Their Voice - Chelsea McCabe

Dec 14, 2021

This week, healthcare project manager Chelsea McCabe joins the Totally Clinical podcast to discuss the specific challenges of Phase I oncology trials for sites. From managing sponsor expectations, keeping on top of amendments, and remembering dozens of portal passwords, she gives us an insider view of research site challenges.

Chelsea also explains why she’s optimistic for the future of oncology trials and the role of site staff in the protocol development process.

“We’re starting to have a voice. That is a very exciting thing to happen. Now sites are part of the protocol development process. We're being sent protocols not just from a medical perspective, but an operational perspective.”

Women in Leadership Series - Elisabeth Baugh

Dec 09, 2021

We speak with Ovarian Cancer Canada CEO Elisabeth Baugh about what the future holds for women in leadership, how to tackle the gender gap at the top, and her work with AboutFace to enhance the emotional and mental well-being of individuals with facial differences.

A Balancing Act. Why We All “Prosper” from Gender Balance in Clinical Trials - Brendan Buckley

Dec 06, 2021

This week, Teckro’s Chief Medical Officer Brendan Buckley joins us to discuss learnings from the Prosper clinical trial of the 1990s. Radical for the time, the trial – which looked at the effect of statins on a patient population over 70 years of age – was balanced so the number of women in the trial represented the number of women in the population in that age group.

Brendan, principal investigator of the Prosper study, reflects on the unique, decentralized nature of the trial as it was run from local physician offices. He also gives tips on how investigators today can “think beyond pragmatism” – especially when it comes to big Phase III trials.

"At the design stage of a trial, we have to ask the immediate first questions: Does the population represent what the average doctor is going to see? And does it include representation of women as they appear as a proportion of the population generally?”

Reaching the Tipping Point. Stakeholder Buy-In and the Network Effect - Gary Hughes

Dec 02, 2021

This week, our CEO Gary Hughes returns to the podcast to reflect on Teckro’s journey from a single product to a platform for content, communication and insights. He explains why building credibility with all clinical trial stakeholders is key to creating trust. And Gary reveals how Teckro is creating its own network effect.

"It takes a lot of buy-in from all of the stakeholders involved. You can’t just sell to one stakeholder and expect everyone else to buy into it. You’ve got to bring everyone with you."

Strength in Numbers. Site Success through a "Teckro Powered" Community - Silvina Baudino

Nov 30, 2021

This week, Silvina Baudino, director, site strategy at Teckro, discusses the launch of the novel Teckro Powered program.

A game-changer when it comes to addressing challenges that are holding sites back from fully embracing modern site practices, Teckro Powered is all about building community and supporting Teckro’s core mission – to have every physician engaged in trials – so sites can thrive and reach their full potential.

“When we expand physician participation we expand patient outreach, which is our ultimate goal.”

The Power of Proximity - Nick Bruggeman

Nov 24, 2021

Nick Bruggeman talks us through his intriguing journey from an intern at his father’s clinical research company, to his present-day mission using a data-driven approach to develop treatments for Central Nervous System diseases at CCT Research.

“If a patient or a resident is in our study, they could go down the hall and knock on our door and talk to the coordinator. And that was the idea that we had because a lot of times Alzheimer's and dementia research is not accessible to patients.”

When Blood Runs Dry and Why Donating is Never "in Vein" - Kelly Brown, Conor Bryce

Nov 23, 2021

Giving blood helps save lives. The availability of a reliable, clean blood supply is not something we should take for granted – it relies on the generosity of strangers giving up their time as well as one of their 10 units!

Following our World Blood Donor Day blog, the Teckro team share their experiences and motivations. From Conor’s first ever blood donation to Kelly’s third-generation family tradition, we discuss why it is important that these stories are shared.

Listen to this podcast to learn more about Kelly and Conor’s top tips for giving blood, needle-nerves, and why toy monkeys are exempt from the exclusion criteria...

"It's one of those things that you take for granted and it's not until you or someone you know needs that blood supply that you realize that this is just off the generosity of people donating blood."

There is no better time than today to get started. Below are resources for blood donation in the US, the UK and Ireland:

No Woman Left Behind - Frances Reid

Nov 17, 2021

Hundreds of thousands of women are diagnosed with ovarian cancer each year. With no official screening program and symptoms often spotted late, the burden especially falls on lower to middle-income countries.

Frances Reid, program director at the World Ovarian Cancer Coalition joins us on World Gynecologic Oncology Day to discuss the launch of the new adaptation of the Every Woman Study – the first-ever study of its kind looking at lower and middle-income countries.

By giving a voice to women internationally, the coalition’s ambitious goal is to close the gap between high and low-income countries and build a better future for women with faster diagnosis and access to the best possible care.

“Over the next 20 years, the burden of ovarian cancer will be felt disproportionately by lower and middle-income countries.”

What They Want as Users, What They Need as Sites - Malia Lewin

Nov 16, 2021

Our Global Head of Strategy, Malia Lewin, explains how Teckro lets oncology sites charter the best possible route to trial success by combining what they want as users with what they want as sites. We discuss what sponsors need to prioritize if they want better outcomes for patients and the future of oncology trials.

"Right now, we're able to navigate the world using real-time information that's in our handheld device. We want to create the same thing for the clinical trial environment so that people are no longer beholden to static information that isn't really serving them."

The Trial Design Spectrum, Vaccines and More - Brendan Buckley

Nov 05, 2021

We talked with Teckro's Dr. Brendan Buckley about his latest blog Mega-Trials vs. Personalized Medicines. In this podcast, we discuss the design and execution of trials at different ends of the spectrum, a new clinical trial he's watching closely, and why you shouldn’t be worried about the COVID-19 vaccine.

“What you’re really doing is standing on the shoulders of the developers of these drugs, seeing if one can reach a new disease, and repurposing the drug for the benefit of people with that condition.”

Leaving the Airport Behind Post-Pandemic. A Day in the Life of a CRA - Maria Milas

Nov 05, 2021

As COVID-19 grounded flights and changed how clinical trials operated, clinical research associates discovered that their role was rapidly changing in the new digital environment. Teckro’s Maria Milas gives her insights into a "day in the life" as a CRA, both pre and post-pandemic.

Maria's journey takes us through airports, bustling Spanish hospitals, offices filled with paper protocols and the hunt for WiFi in coffee shops – all through the lens of the digital transformation of clinical trials.

Join us as she describes the principal investigator who went from stressed to relieved after finding her protocol through Teckro, and how technology enabled her to see missing lab kit for tests, and even whether a patient had taken their medication – remotely.

"The obvious question was ‘do you have Teckro on your phone?’ You can see on someone’s face when they go from intense stress to complete relief. That was her face when she realized she had Teckro."

How a Chance Reading of a Newspaper Article Saved My Life - Martin Lovell

Nov 05, 2021

On Men's Health Week, Martin Lovell tells us about his extraordinary journey from prostate cancer diagnosis to recovery and highlights why awareness was key to his survival.

Martin is an advocate for Prostate Cancer UK and a champion for men's health awareness. In his own words, he "makes no apologies for nagging" men to regularly get tested and to pay attention for all possible signs and symptoms of prostate cancer.

“There are so many things you can do to deal with prostate cancer, but doing nothing isn’t one of them."

Reason for Hope: Moving the Needle on Ovarian Cancer Survival Rates - Deborah Zajchowski

Nov 05, 2021

Founded 13 years ago, the non-profit Clearity Foundation helps ovarian cancer patients navigate their best treatment options and has made considerable progress with advancements in tumor biomarker testing.

Clearity’s Scientific Director Dr. Deborah Zajchowski joins us on the podcast to discuss her role in creating the foundation’s ground-breaking tools, including tumor profiling reports and the clinical trial finder. She also shares why there is hope for the future of ovarian cancer survival rates.

“I think that the greatest impact will come from tests to detect ovarian cancer earlier. There are multiple academics and pharma groups doing this that have shown early signs of promise – and we will see these tests in the next five years.”

There's an App for That! How "Intuitive" Tech Is Helping Site Staff Thrive - Lydia Beaudette

Nov 05, 2021

Less is more when it comes to sites, especially considering the list of technology staff are expected to use throughout a clinical trial. From the idea of power users to a bottom-up approach, Lydia Beaudette, manager of growth at LMC Manna Research, discusses her role in implementing new technologies for large site networks against the backdrop of COVID-19 as well as what’s essential evaluating solution partners.

“If you can get the right fit from the beginning, it can make for a much smoother process. Any technology that can be used intuitively and require minimal training is ideal.”

Driven by Mission. Setting the Tone from the Top - Gary Hughes

Nov 05, 2021

A company is only as good as its people. Mission, values and motivation all start from the top, inspiring confidence with employees and creating a strong sense of purpose.

Teckro CEO Gary Hughes is our guest on the podcast today for our very special launch episode to discuss operating for the greater good and what it means to be a mission-driven company in the 21st Century. We also cover keeping distributed teams connected and engaged, why no one should do a job they don’t enjoy, and top tips from Gary on staying focused.

This episode coincides with the launch of the Totally Clinical: Trial Triumphs & Rad Trends podcast available on Spotify, Apple, and Google.

“To support bringing new medicines to parts of the world where research wouldn’t traditionally be conducted is hugely rewarding in itself.”

Welcome to Totally Clinical!

Nov 05, 2021

Welcome to the Totally Clinical Podcast, brought to you by Teckro! Totally Clinical is a deep dive into the freshest trends, big-time challenges and most excellent triumphs of clinical trials. Join us as we chat with industry experts, trailblazers, thought leaders and the people actually benefiting from clinical research. The Totally Clinical podcast illustrates Teckro’s devotion to the clinical trial industry, for faster more efficient trials that will get drugs to market quicker and of course save lives.

So tune in, settle back and don’t touch that dial - it’s time to get totally clinical.

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